SERENDIPITY: an artist's residency

An artists' residency at the FHNW School of Engineering, 25-29 Jan. 2016 


Four FHNW art academy students, Nici Jost, Dawn Nilo, Maeva Rosset and Yota Tsotra,  will spend one week as a part of the Institute for Polymer Nanotechnolgy research team. During the week artists and scientist hope to inspire each other while seeking an understanding of the role serendipity plays in the creative process.The project began in the fall of 2015 when the four students began to do research and visited the nanotechnology institute in order to gain a basic understanding of polymers. 


Polywhat? What exactly do they research their anyway? Words like omniphobic electrospinning and e-beam lithography may sound like science fiction but they’re a part of the everyday street talk in the field of nanotechnology. Just consider a list of some of the institutes current research projects:


Creating biomimetic omniphobic surfaces via structure generation and e-beam assisted grafting

  • Functionalization of nonwovens
  • PATCELL - Interaction of cells with structured polymer surfaces
  • Electrospinning of segemented polymer fibres
  • Complex microfluidics for diagnostic applications
  • Complex microstructures by gray-scale e-beam lithography
  • High precision hybrid replication molds


The artists' residency will culminate in an exhibition and presentation in the Basel Art Institutes Tank some time in the spring.












crédit photographique: Nici Jost